So that current and future creditors cannot see that you have a lien against your property. Removal – The only true way to remove a lien is for you to completely pay off the debt that is owed to the IRS. Over the past 26 years, we’ve helped thousands of people resolve their tax situations. Tax debt relief companies evaluate the details of your case and check Fresh Start guidelines, helping you find the relief options that you qualify for. A good way to avoid incurring back taxes is by using tax preparation software. Be sure to check out our article on the best tax software, if you’re in need of a helping hand when filing your taxes.

Unlike any other type of seizure of assets, the IRS does not need to go to court and obtain a court order to be able to take the assets of a taxpayer who owes back tax debt. Rated ‘A+’ by the Better Business Bureau, Omni Tax Solutions is the first tax relief company in the country to receive the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. Tax attorneys are lawyers who have a Juris Doctorate but who also have specialized education in tax law. Tax attorneys better understand the finer details of tax law which can be helpful to taxpayers who are having problems with the Internal Revenue Service or State Tax Board. An Enrolled Agent is a person who has earned the right to represent taxpayers before the IRS. Tax debt reduction programs such as the IRS Fresh Start Program provide real relief but can be very complex to navigate.

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Our team has represented clients in all 50 states and successfully resolved their liabilities with applicable state taxing authorities. After your tax debt’s collection status expiration date (CSED), the IRS can no longer collect on it. Our tax resolution specialists can pull your transcripts with the IRS and conduct a thorough compliance check of your tax debt – helping you identify any previous balances that may have already expired.

They can garnish your wages and seize your assets without a court order. It’s also recommended you speak with a financial advisor who can review your situation before you decide to work with a tax relief company. You don’t have to face the IRS alone; let our top-rated tax debt relief team help you fight the IRS and the ongoing nightmare. The IRS may be extremely harsh when it comes to collecting the money that it is owed, but there are several ways that a person can get tax lien relief program.

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The company doesn’t have a step-by-step process outlined on its website, but its process seems to be similar to other tax relief companies. You’ll schedule a free consultation with a tax professional from the firm and work with its team to determine the best strategy and outcome for your situation. All clients of Community Tax enjoy a service guarantee that refunds you your investigation fee if the company determines that it can’t help you resolve your tax debts.

Solve Your Irs Tax Problems Bbb a+ Rated Tax Debt Relief

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After completing the investigation, you’ll receive a few resolution options to choose between. Your assigned agent will handle all the paperwork and filing for you after you decide on the right route for your needs. Aside from Community Tax’s programs, Liberty Tax provides tax services for avoiding debt in the future. If you want to keep your tax bill clean, you can take advantage of their Tax Assurance Program, IRS-approved continuing education articles, tax glossary on common terms, tax interview checklist, and much more. When you’re ready to file your taxes, Liberty Tax can walk you through the process online, remotely, or in person.

An offer in compromise involves the IRS reducing the overall amount of money you owe them. An effective tax relief company will help you navigate proving that you’re in a financial crisis. If they’re successful, the IRS may find you eligible for an offer in compromise.

Community Tax is a full-service tax relief company offering a range of services with affordable pricing models, a low debt minimum, a simple resolution process, and excellent customer ratings. While most tax relief companies require a minimum debt of around $10,000, Community Tax only requires $8,000. The tax relief company has resolved over $800 million in tax debts by helping over 100,000 clients. Liberty Tax may not primarily focus on tax debt relief services, though it offers a wide range of preparation tools to help you avoid liabilities in the future.

Solve Your Irs Tax Problems Bbb a+ Rated Tax Debt Relief

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