Neither spouse may renounce people genetics without having any agree of your own almost every other

Regarding more than times, the home interactions between your partners are going to be governed from the same laws and regulations once the till the break up, instead of prejudice towards the acts and you will contracts legally performed when you look at the breakup.

The fresh new spouses should state, inside a community file, all of the assets that they go back to the wedding and you may which should compensate new independent property of each.

On the instances described in this article, most of the assets earned are deemed become recently contributed, regardless if all the otherwise certain e and this stayed through to the liquidation effected of the reasoning of separation. (1439a)

To the conjugal union subsisting, this new government of all classes regarding assets regarding marriage will get getting directed because of the courts towards partner:

The brand new process of law also can consult this new management into the wife, having including constraints as they will get deem advisable, in the event the spouse should become a great fugitive regarding fairness or even be in covering up once the a beneficial offender during the a criminal case, or if perhaps, getting absolutely struggling to administer, he need to have did not allow for administration. (1441a)

Post 197. New spouse to which the brand new government of the many possessions away from the marriage are moved will enjoys, regarding said assets, a comparable powers and you may duty that your husband has actually as he is the manager, however, always subject to the fresh new terms of your last part regarding the fresh new preceding blog post. (1442a)

Blog post 198. In the event the future partners consent about wedding settlements you to the device of pure neighborhood will regulate their property relations during the matrimony, the next terms can be out-of second app. IdsaPs

Post 199. From the absence of stipulation quite the opposite, town should consist of all present and future assets regarding new spouses not excepted by law.

(1) Property obtained from the gratuitous title of the sometimes lover, when it is provided by the latest donor otherwise testator that it should perhaps not become a part of town;

(2) Possessions handed down from the both wife or husband from the death of a kid by the an old relationship, around getting brothers or sisters of your own full blood of deceased child;

(3) Area of the possessions away from possibly companion comparable to the newest presumptive legitime of your college students by the an old wedding;

Post 196

Antenuptial expenses out-of either lover will never be paid throughout the society, except if an equivalent has redounded on advantage of the household.

Post 203. Bills developed of the both spouses or by the among them that have the new consent of most other shall be paid down regarding the people. In case the common house is not enough to fund prominent bills, an identical is generally implemented against the independent assets of your own partners, which will be equally responsible.

Blog post 204. Expense contracted by the often lover without the consent of the other can be rechargeable up against the area on the amount your relatives was benefited and thus.

Blog post 205. Indemnities that really must be paid by often lover because of a crime otherwise from a good quasi-delict is going to be reduced on well-known possessions, without any responsibility and then make reimbursement.

Article 202

Article 206. The latest control, administration, fingers and pleasure of the prominent assets fall under both spouses jointly. In case there is conflict, the fresh process of law shall accept the difficulty.

Article 207. Neither companion will get alienate or encumber people well-known property without the agree of one’s most other. In the eventuality of unjustifiable refusal by the almost every other mate, the fresh new process of law may give the desired concur.

Post 209. If there’s a breakup actually ranging from husband and wife, instead of official acceptance, the fresh new provisions off post 178 shall use.

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