In the event users stated that the spouse constantly made brand new choices relevant so you can her very own wellness (66

Out of exactly who produced the important ily related to explore and you will choices out of household members planning actions (Table cuatro), the great majority from professionals stated that both husband and wife are responsible for ily believed (ninety.2%) in addition to amount of children (89.5%). The outcomes including indicated that a majority of the players consented that each other couple are responsible for decisions on daughters’ and you will sons’ studies (76.5% and you will 75.5% respectively).

Additionally, 79.4% off married men stated that they discussed with the wife ily life. At the same time, men inside survey presented certain negative thinking to wives’ contributions to a few essential behavior (Desk cuatro). 7%) which she was constantly permitted to discuss any conclusion the guy generated (50%), they also mentioned that the guy usually made the significant ily (63.7%). Also merely 51.0% of males either greeting its spouse to make most of the decisions associated with her life and you may 56.9% sometimes approved the wife’s objection in order to choices he made.

Variables regarding the newest and you may prior contraceptive use

Chi-squared analysis was used to examine the difference in the present and you may previous usage of birth prevention strategies when it comes to demographic properties and you may attitudes (Desk 5). The study revealed that the fresh new man’s amount of schooling, quantity of studies and you can quantity of children regarding the household members had been tall circumstances impacting most recent use of contraceptive. People that was actually to school got a substantially high rate away from birth control explore compared to those that has perhaps not (?2 = step three.99, P = 0.04) and those who got higher level out of knowledge got highest prices of most recent birth-control use (100% regarding students) (?2 = 13.5, P = 0.021). Moreover, people who got way more college students had straight down costs off current explore out-of contraceptives: thirty-two.1% of those who had eight+ college students rather than 52.8% ones with step one–step three youngsters (?2 = 23.3, P = 0.024). Yet not, in terms of past use of birth prevention, there have been zero tall variations related to some of these products, though people who was to school had a marginally higher height with birth-control play with (?2 = step 3.8, P = 0.051). No tall variations have been found in the respondents’ latest and prior use of contraceptive steps about ages, level of spouses, level of education and you can actually with youngsters.

Regarding your difference in most recent and you can prior use of birth control actions in relation to its perceptions to your members of the family believe, the analysis presented high variations in relation to playing with method/s from birth-control immediately following childbirth and you may in advance of resuming their sexual dating (?2 = seven.33, P = 0.03), good woman’s preference never to to generally share friends believed which have her partner (?2 = six.46, P = 0.04), and you can good woman’s preference to not have their particular spouse hinder their own family relations planning choices (?2 = 7.52, P = 0.02).

Although not, prior access to birth prevention measures are rather affected by married men’s room perceptions to having significantly more youngsters while the a matter of maleness getting the guy (?2 = 6.fourteen, P = 0.04), a great mans preference never to mention loved ones considered with their partner (?2 = 6.91, P = 0.03), guys having to prompt its partner to make use of family members believed steps (?2 = 7.68, P = 0.02), in addition to people having to take advice from a doctor the choices readily available for members of the family thought (?2 = 6.14, P = 0.04).


Ladies’ fitness has been a top priority at the federal and you will worldwide membership. One major issue recognized as a contributing factor and foundation into the ladies reproductive wellness was men’s room contribution inside relatives planning techniques (2). This research lined up to address this dilemma and you will consider it one of married dudes regarding southern area region of Jordan. The outcomes indicated that ily thought, plus they got in addition to put some forms of loved ones considered. The analysis learned that 45.1% of them reported currently having fun with an approach to birth prevention, primarily aren’t IUD, additional climax or oral birth prevention tablets. There are highest costs out-of agreement regarding dos years’ spacing between children, playing with contraceptive immediately after childbirth, the health benefits of birth-control, the connection between contraception and you can children’s health requires, promising spouses to use contraceptive, accompanying spouses to household members planning centres, and sharing family unit members thought issues with a health care professional.

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