But not, Mikan advised Nagito that he is completely wrong and reported you to she got killed to possess “their precious”

Amazingly, inside the Danganronpa 2.5, neither Chiaki nor Hajime possess equivalents within the Nagito’s imaginary world. Due to the fact Chiaki’s demise was a primary reason behind new class’ despair, you’ll be able to you to definitely his feelings in regards to the her had been as well strong and system banned the memory off her.

Regarding Biggest Talent Advancement Bundle, Chiaki means a person who perform always invite Nagito towards the class circumstances, having also Nagito expertise it even after his lingering self-deprecation. In the event that graduation gets nearer, Chiaki shows idea toward him given that she observes your alone when you look at the the area and you may goes to query your in the event the he’s having fun. Nagito claims that of course, he or she is having a great time immediately after which discusses everybody’s dreams, having Chiaki stating that is fine, in the event their particular deal with looks some time unfortunate and disappointed seemingly since the regarding him still speaking like that. Chiaki admits you to definitely she still cannot extremely discover your anyway recent years together, however, she claims one to she knows hope is essential in order to him. Nagito demonstrates to you in order to their particular that everyone wishes guarantee, not merely your, but the guy only ponders it more other people. Nagito admits that he is a little while distressed one little huge taken place and then Kosta Rika kadД±nlarla tanД±ЕџД±n make pledge stronger, however, Chiaki believes it’s a good thing hence everyone can waste time to each other gladly down the road.

AI Type

Nagito cannot apparently observe Chiaki that much at first, noting you to definitely she is a peaceful girl which primarily performs games and you may looks into the place. Yet not, he after seemingly have genuine esteem to possess their own deduction feel. In the Funhouse, the guy requires their unique to investigate with him which can be worried whenever she will leave the team versus individuals observing.

Whether or not Nagito was unacquainted with they, Chiaki cared from the him and you may she was also the traitor he attempted to conserve ultimately, even though it were unsuccessful.

Greatest Imposter

Nagito recognized Greatest Imposter as well as their leadership experiences after they have been impersonating Byakuya Togami. not, therefore, the guy inside it your in his plan. The program is actually in the first place designed to end in Nagito’s very own demise, however, Greatest Imposter died as an alternative, protecting Nagito’s lifestyle. When you find yourself Nagito did not end up being remorse for what taken place, he was truly satisfied and you can told you the guy also started to keeps a tiny usually to reside following the Imposter’s strategies.

Mikan Tsumiki

Initially, Nagito worries about Mikan, as he scolds Hajime immediately following considering the guy bullied their unique and you will requires in the event that she’s okay immediately following which have certainly their own many overstated drops. He is also very humbled from inside the very first demonstration as he mistakenly believed you to Mikan complimented their physical appearance whenever she mentioned there wasn’t any bloodstream towards your.

Once Nagito caught brand new Anxiety Condition, Mikan grabbed proper care of your also the someone else. But not, she along with stuck the illness, and you will even after his terrible condition, he pointed out that she got fallen towards the despair. This is why, as well as the murders she enough time in the interests of anxiety, Nagito shed all the admiration for their and you may felt their particular an enemy, well worth title “Biggest Anxiety”. Unlike others, the guy was not fooled by her strategies in the demonstration and he bitterly would not forgive her.

Somewhat mockingly, she said that Nagito doesn’t know because the guy does not have any somebody to love and you can is not acknowledged of the anybody, leaving him baffled having terms and conditions.

Afterwards no matter if, just after Nagito and Mikan wake up from their comatose condition, he does not frequently hold anymore hatred on her. It probably means that Nagito’s new experience of Mikan, which was generally him failing to pay awareness of their unique, even though convinced their unique talent try incredible, is back.

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